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Saturday Rockpile: Nolan Arenado hurt, other news

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Arenado's injury and East Coast road trips.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

No surprise that Nolan Arenado's injury to a finger on his left hand is the talk on most websites this morning. We reported here that he has "mallet finger" and will be out four to eight weeks.  For more information on what this is, here is a wikipedia link.  I wish Nolan luck and I hope that surgery is not required.  Oddly, no mention of the probable move to bring Josh Rutledge up.  On to the links:

Ailing finger keeps Gonzalez sidelined for second game - Joe Morgan,

And to think, before last nights game, it was only Cargo's digits that we were all worried about.  Cargo could be back as early as tonight for an offense that was looking like it was returning to health until Wednesday.

Nolan Arenado to miss some time -

ESPN's report on Nolan's injury

Arenado breaks finger on headfirst slide, DL stint looms - Joe Morgan,

Similar story from but with some different information.

Chris Johnson: "One of my demons" -

Prior to the Rockies losing their third baseman to injury, the Braves had to pull their third baseman from the game for throwing a tantrum in the dugout hallway.  Glad to see a manager holding his players accountable for their actions and I wish they would have done something after Dan Uggla sat there and taunted Jordan Lyles and then stared at him after being struck out.

Colorado facing tough test playing in Eastern time zone - Patrick Saunders,

Stealing some of my thunder for an ariticle later today, Patrick Saunders discusses the Rockies' recent struggles on road trips to the Eastern half of the United States.  The Rockies are saying all of the right things in the article and I hope they can overcome Arenado's injury and win a few games.

Braves look to Minor to quell high-powered Rox - Joe Morgan,

First off, there is no relation between Mike Minor and yours truly.  With this tough left handed pitcher on the mound, it may be smart to give Carlos Gonzalez one more day off and trot out the all right handed outfield of Michael Cuddyer, Drew Stubbs, and Brandon Barnes.

Eddie Butler "not that far away from" majors - Irv Moss,

In what may be the first indication of who will be promoted first, Rockies' Assistant Director of Player Development, Zach Wilson, talked with Irv Moss about Eddie Butler.  With struggles by the two Tylers of late, it seems to be a contest between Butler and Gray if you like one of the young phenoms or Winkler and Bergman if you prefer a slightly older, less highly touted player.