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Atlanta, where Rockies seasons go to die

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In 2013, the Rockies started their first road trip of the second half of the season by going to Atlanta, only four games below .500 at 51-55.  They lost the first game in extra innings, went on to lose the next three in Atlanta and only won one of ten games on the road trip.  They were never able to recover and get closer to a winning record than they were before going to Atlanta.

2012...well it was 2012 and the Rockies season was long over by the time they went to Atlanta in September.  However, the Rockies suffered the embarrassment of losing back to back games 1-0 with one of them being on an unearned run.

On the 4th of July, 2011, the Rockies rolled into Atlanta only two games below five hundred, at 41-43.  Four days and four losses later, the Rockies were three games away from the All-Star break and never saw themselves as close to a winning record again.

2010 was the last time that the Rockies did not lose three games in Atlanta and the last time that the team had a winning record in the season after visiting the Braves.  It helped that the trip was in April and was only a three game series.  Still, the Rockies lost two of three.  This was also the series where Ubaldo Jimenez through the Rockies' only no-hitter.  This is about as good as it gets for Colorado in Atlanta.

2009-season didn't die, team made the playoffs and the Rockies went 2-2 in the Atlanta series.

The Rockies has a slump year in 2008, between 2007 and 2009, but they still had a chance at a winning record going into September.  The first game of the series in Atlanta was on September 9th and the Rockies scored the tying run in the ninth inning to send the game to extra innings.  Unfortunately, Taylor Bucholz gave up the winning run in the tenth on a balk.  That's right a balk with a runner on third decided this game.  The Rockies went on to lose the other two games of the series in a losing streak that saw them lose seven in a row.

Colorado could have won the wild card in 2007 in 162 games if it had not been for Atlanta.  After winning the first game of the series on August 3rd, Ubaldo took a loss in a 6-4 game and then came the rubber match.  The Rockies had the lead in this game after their half of every inning until the seventh, where they scored a run to tie it.  Again extra innings and again Taylor Bucholz (in reverse order, I realize this was actually before 2008).  Taylor gave up a double and a single and the Rockies would need 163 games to make the playoffs.

So, you get the point.  Atlanta is not a good place for the Colorado Rockies.  With the team playing well and coming into the series five games above .500, there was hope that this year would be different.  After yet another late inning loss and, more importantly, the loss of Nolan Arenado for a significant amount of time, the Rockies need to finish this series strong to make sure we don't look back to Atlanta, yet again, as the turning point in another Rockies' season.