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Sunday Rockpile: The 2014 roles of Jon Gray and Eddie Butler

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Will Jon Gray and Eddie Butler make and impact and the MLB level in 2014?

The chorus is getting louder. Patrick Saunders has been asking about the Rockies plan for their Double-A pitchers (most notably Jon Gray and Eddie Butler) for a while but as we get further and further through the season the question become more pertinent. He submits that if the Rockies truly want to contend this season they will need at least one of them to contribute and I agree.

Bill Geivette on when they will be called up:

"When they are ready to win, not just pitch, in the majors."

Walt Weiss on Eddie Butler:

"If he's not (ready), then he's real close. I don't think there's a lot of development left. It's just the experience of being here. That's obviously what he lacks. But as far as developing a pitch or more command, I think the development is behind him."

Saunders also caught up with Nolan Arenado and discussed his plans during the recovery for his fractured finger. Obviously, Arenado has workout plans to stay in shape but the mind workouts may be the ones that benefit him most upon his return.

I actually agree with Mark Kiszla about something! He suggests the Rockies should groom Jon Gray for a closer role for the stretch run.suggested the same thing on May 13th and he gives some good examples of pitchers who started in the pen and till became staff ace in Adam Wainwright and David Price.

Friend of Purple Row and Rockies fans everywhere, David Martin, has a nice summary of yesterday's win and Juan Nicasio's excellent outing.

Our good friends over at Rockies Zingers are looking for some new writers! If you've always wanted to write about the Rockies, this could be your chance!

If you are interested at all in TV rights and antitrust laws and how they work with so many different local markets in the MLB, then this piece on Fangraphs is a must read.

Oh, and this was a while back, but in case you missed it...Troy Tulowitzki is better than Mike Trout (it means more when Beyond the Boxscore says it).