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Game Preview: Colorado Rockies at Atlanta Braves, Franklin Morales vs. Julio Teheran

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Rubber match in ATL is a tough pitching match-up for the Rockies but stealing this series on the road could be a huge confidence booster for a team that is still reeling from the loss of their all-star caliber third baseman.

Mike Zarrilli

This would be a fun game to steal.

The Rockies take on the Atlanta Braves in an oddly timed 5:10 ET game today in the rubber match at Turner Field. A gutsy win yesterday means that stealing this one would merely be icing on the cake, but it would be suepr delicious icing for a team looking to gain some traction on a tough road trip now missing one of their best performers from the first half in Nolan Arenado.

The lineup still looks pretty formidable and despite his struggles this season it's always nice to see Carlos Gonzalez's name on the card. Charlie Culberson gets his second straight start at third in replacement of Arenado but played a vital role in the win yesterday so hopefully he can stay "hot".

Julio Teheran brings a 1.92 ERA into today's, maybe he is due? The Rockies will need to be on their best behavior at the plate and Franklin Morales will have to be at the very top of his game for the Rockies to pull this one out.


Blackmon - CF Heyward - RF
Cuddyer - RF Upton - CF
Tulowitzki - SS Freeman - 1B
Gonzalez - LF Upton - LF
Morneau - 1B Gattis - C
Rosario - C Johnson - 3B
Culberson - 3B Simmons - SS
LeMahieu - 2B Pastornicky - 2B
Morales - P Teheran - P