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Tuesday Rockpile: Eddie Butler first in line for a call-up?

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It's probably getting close to the time where the Rockies need to look at bringing up pitching reinforcements. Walt Weiss says Butler is the closest of the team's group of minor leaguers waiting in the wings.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies pitching prospects Gray, Butler, Winkler, timeline is clearer
Nick Groke of the Denver Post spoke with Rockies manager Walt Weiss about the prospects of calling on ... prospects to help with the big league pitching staff. Weiss says Eddie Butler would be first in line for a call to the majors, though it doesn't sound like the club is in any sort of hurry to bring up any of the three dominant Tulsa hurlers.

Whatever the Rockies decide to do, they'd better do it quickly; the Giants aren't going away and the Dodgers are starting to find their footing. And, with runs coming at a premium in road games, Colorado is going to need all the pitching help it can get.

Irregular schedule not limiting lefty Logan | News
Thomas Harding writes about Boone Logan, who has the fewest appearances of any Rockies reliever who hasn't spent significant time in Triple-A despite being the only pitcher on the entire team who can get a strikeout when he needs it. Rex Brothers and Adam Ottavino are decent strikeout pitchers, but they've been better in the past -- particularly Brothers, who has not whiffed enough batters to make up for his elevated walk rate.

Quarterly Report – Troy Tulowitzki | FanGraphs Baseball
Tulowitzki, who has become a rather polarizing subject among Rockies fans, is profiled by Tony Blengino. The author says it might be a long time before we see this sort of positional dominance again, so sit back and enjoy it. I like that Tony Blengino.

MLB Power Rankings - Major League Baseball - ESPN
Power rankings! The Rockies have dropped to No. 9 on the list, four spots below where they sat at their high watermark of the season a couple of weeks ago. Friend of Puprle Row Richard Bergstrom wrote up the blurb on Colorado:

At 27-23, the Rockies have the exact same record as they did last year at this point. That team ended up 74-88. This year's team is better than that, but for a team already dealing with injuries, their chances to contend might have gone out of fashion quicker than the headfirst slide.

Physical and Mental Approach to Pitching - Interview with Jason Hirsh | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball
Speaking of Richard, he recently interviewed former Rockies pitcher and current ROOT Sports TV personality Jason Hirsh. The stuff about Hirsh's pitching academy and teaching techniques is particularly interesting. Give it a read if you have a few extra minutes today.

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