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Purple Dinosaur Podcast, Episode 11: Got it goin' bossanova

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On episode 11 of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, the guys catch up with Denver Post Rockies beat writer Nick Groke, plus much more!

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Alright, so last week wasn't the pinnacle of podcast artistry. Never fear! This week is marginally better!

Episode 11 of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast has arrived, and Denver Post Rockies beat writer Nick Groke joins the show. We talk at length about the Rockies' options to solidify the back end of their rotation with guys not named Franklin Morales. We'll cover the short-term future of Tyler Matzek and a possible call-up, trade rumblings, and more.

Plus, Tyler and Anthony chat about the Braves ballpark situation, preview this weekend's series with the Cleveland Indians, and bring their general brand of borderline entertainment and annoyance right into your ear canals.

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