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Rockies' lineup construction

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Drew Hallowell

On a road series that has seen the Rockies have more LOBsters than a boat on Deadliest Catch.  With baserunner after baserunner being Left On Base and the Rockies putting up a paltry 2.29 runs per game, I have to wonder if there are just too many holes in the lineup and what can be done to fix it?

Remember way back to spring training when Michael Cuddyer was going to hit second in the Rockies' lineup?  Likely because of Nolan Arenado's injury, Cuddy has only hit second in three of the seven games on this road trip and when he is replaced in this spot by the likes of Charlie Culberson or DJ Lemahieu, the dropoff is significant (.375 OBP vs. .230 OBP).

After the second spot in the order, the third or fourth spot, depending on where Carlos Gonzalez is hitting, has also been dreadful.  Cargo has easily had his worst statistical performance so far this year with an OPS under .800 and his OBP below .320.

After that, the biggest issue I have is giving Wilin Rosario too big of a role in the offense until his bat improves.  Hitting him fifth or sixth in this lineup is hurtful until he can regain his true form of a hitter.

To improve the Rockies, I suggest makeingn the following improvements.  First, Michael Cuddyer needs to be the day-in and day-out number two hitter.  Second, Justin Morneau should replace Cargo until things change. This change may have already happened because Morneau is hitting less and Cargo had a good game at the plate last night.  However, in the future, the team cannot be afraid to move a superstar if they are struggling.  Last, play Josh Rutledge as much as possible in place of Culberson.  There is a significant difference in hitting skill, in my opinion.

The Rockies started well this season, but the manager has strayed from a strong off-season plan to what he is doing now with the lineup.  Build the lineup that makes the best sense and the Rockies may be able to turn a few more LOBsters into RBI winners.