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Sunday Rockpile: Rockies on a roll

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The Rockies are playing a good brand of baseball but there is plenty of reason for both hope and skepticism.

Doug Pensinger

Nick Groke with an awesome piece on Tyler Matzek, his journey thus far, and the key to his recent string of success.

Patrick Saunders joins the chorus of people bemoaning the length of baseball games, suggesting that a big league game is a great place to catch some extra z's. It's an entertaining and well thought out piece despite the fact thatI mostly disagree.

Franklin Morales the unsung hero of last night's crazy affair? Nick Groke makes a strong case that Frankie-Mo's ability to stay in the game despite getting knocked around was key in the eventual win.

Tracy Ringolsby talks about how the Rockies play at home could be a great sign moving forward considering how well historically successful Rockies teams have played at home.

Cub Buenning over with our friends at Mile High Sports think the Rockies can win the National League West. I agree, and I think he covers something nicely near the end that can be an answer to the question, "why is this team any different than Rockies teams who have looked like this before?" From Cub's piece:

"The franchise's cornerstone dynamic duo that receives most of the press and attention has not been mentioned for a reason. The Rockies eventual success will not be about them, it will be about the rest of the team."

This is true for the first time in a long time.

Want more coverage of Troy Tulowitzki's 1,000th hit? Of course you do. Thomas Harding has you covered.


Be sure to check out our good friend Richard Bergstrom from Rockies Zingers making an apprearnance on ESPN's SweetSpot blog. He discusses the awesomeness of Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Johnny Cueto. Congratulations Richard, and everyone remember to come by our panel discussion that Richard was kind enough to organize, May 17th at El Charrito's in Denver.