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Game Wrap: New York Mets 5, Colorado Rockies 1: Dillon Gee stifles Rockies, Arenado hits in 24 straight

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Nothing much went the Rockies way in this one. Chacin is healthy, Nolan Arenado continued his hit streak, and Justin Morneau hit a home run. And that's about it.

Doug Pensinger

Dillon Gee had the Rockies number today and he kept them scoreless through six innings.

Jhoulys Chacin was not sharp in his return but ultimately battled through five and, as bad as it felt at times, only gave up four runs.

I am not worried about this game or Chacin. This is just one of those baseball games we weren't going to get. Chacin has plenty of time to shake the rust off. Remember he got no spring training. The most disappointing sign was his five walks, especially after he appeared to be ready to pound the strike zone in the first, even to his detriment.

Chacin has a history that suggests he will iron this out though, and the only long-term outlook of note in this game was that he remains healthy.

Four game sweeps are hard precisely because of games like this one.

The Rockies were eventually able to grab some hits to bring their total to eight on the day but they did not score until Justin Morneau hit a meaningless solo home run in the bottom of the ninth.

The only other offensive highlight was Nolan Arenado pushing his hit streak to 24 games by pulling a line drive double down the third base line in the bottom of the fourth.

Tulo did not play so he continues to hit over 9,000.

This game was just kinda blah. Hey that can't all be Culberson walk-offs! Once or twice it felt like the Rox might make it interesting but they never really did. As they say, you are gonna win 50 and lose 50 so it's what you do with the other 62 that count. This was one of those 50 we were just gonna lose.

Time to look ahead to welcoming the Texas Rangers to Coors Field.

Source: FanGraphs