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Monday Rockpile: Rockies playing well, Chacin pitches poorly

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The Rockies need to stop losing player to the DL if they are going to survive an upcoming stretch where they play 16 of 22 games on the road.

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Since Sunday's game was one of the most forgettable of the season, here's a link with a couple more quotes on Saturday's fireworks. In particular, I find Walt Weiss's comment on Blake Doyle interesting. It's very difficult not to like what we've seen so far from the new hitting coach in terms of results, approaches at the plate, and in ability to understand the hitters. Hopefully it continues.

Speaking of Doyle, Purple Row commenter and Rockies Zingers writer Eric Garcia McKinley has more on Doyle's impact so far this season.

A viral infection is attacking the Rockies clubhouse and it's already landed Josh Rutledge and Wilin Rosario on the DL. This is obviously something the club needs to contain quickly because if they lose any more important pieces, it's almost certainly going to start costing them games.

Patrick Saunders has a couple of quotes from Nolan Arenado about the fun he's having this season and the fans getting up for some of the big moments. The third baseman's hit streak is now at 24 games after yesterday's double , the second longest in franchise history.

The most trustworthy member of the Rockies bullpen seems to change daily, but Thomas Harding makes a nice case for Boone Logan.

Jhoulys Chacin had a rough debut yesterday. By his own admission, he didn't get enough ground balls, walked too many hitters, and just generally looked rusty. This is something to watch going forward, but he should get better as he gets more work under his belt and sharpens command of his offerings.

Scott Spratt correctly identifies the Rockies defense as a major reason for their early season success.

Around MLB

Injuries have not just hit the Rockies; the Dodger have placed Hyun-jin Ryu on the DL with a shoulder injury and Yasiel Puig is day to day after running into the outfield wall at the end of yesterday's Marlins game.

In even more shocking injury news, the Giants have placed a member of their rotation on the DL after Matt Cain cut his finger making a sandwich.

Tracy Ringolsby looks at three clubs playing well right now, and three clubs who need to turn things around.