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Rockies 12, Rangers 1: Tulo keeps raking, Cargo gets hot, Arenado extends streak to 26

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The Rockies have three big stars in Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez and Nolan Arenado. Tonight, they all shined brightly and completely dismantled the Texas Rangers.

Doug Pensinger

The Rockies beat the Rangers by eleven runs, but it didn't even feel that close.

This was just one of those rare nights where everything went Colorado's way - And I mean everything. The probably could have guessed lottery numbers correctly if given the chance.

Where am I even supposed to start with this game? The Rockies ran over the Rangers with a truck, put the thing in reverse, and ran over them again.

Troy Tulowitzki entered the game batting .408 with a .512 on base percentage, a .786 slugging percentage, and a 1.298 OPS. All of those went UP. He's now batting .421 with a .522 OBP, .794 slugging percentage, and 1.316 OPS. Tonight's highlights included a ball hit so hard that it almost took Drew Stubbs's face off and a one handed flick of wrist which sent a ball into the left field gap for a double.

Then there's Carlos Gonzalez who had what might have been the quietest 5-5 game in the history of baseball; although one of his hits that beat the shift frustrated Adrian Beltre so much that he threw his glove to the ground in frustration in a fashion I've never seen from a big league ballplayer before. So that was certainly memorable.

There was also the top of the lineup which saw Charlie Blackmon and Drew Stubbs each go deep and rack up a combined five hits on the night. Blackmon's bomb led off the bottom of the first and was very much a sign of things to come for the Rockies offense.

Justin Morneau, Jordan Pacheco, and Brandon Barnes had two hits a piece as well, but they were merely footnotes in the avalanche of runs scored.

The sixth inning alone lasted longer than some marriages. Alexi Ogando did not start or finish the inning, but he did pitch to eight batters in it and only got one of them out. Brandon Barnes wasn't even in the game when this inning started and ended up recording two hits in the frame.

* * * * *


In the top of the first inning, Adrian Beltre launched a solo home run to right center field to give the Texas Rangers a 1-0 lead.


* * * * *

By the time the seventh inning of this game rolled around, only one question was left; Would Nolan Arenado extend his hit streak to 26 games?

He did wait until his final at bat to do it, but on a night like this, the answer was obviously yes. After falling behind 1-2, Nolan loaded the count and got a pitch inside he was able to rip down the left field line. Nobody was catching this ball, it was just a matter of fair or foul. When the baseball scattered the chalk as if it were a dusting of snow, the crowd erupted in jubilation.

Arenado's hit streak lives another day and now sits at 26 games, just one shy of Cuddyer's franchise record which was set last season.

Nolan also made three fabulous plays on defense early in the game when it was still a tight battle. However, at this point, it would almost be more noteworthy if there was a game where Arenado didn't make a spectacular play on defense.

The Rockies recorded 21 hits in this game and only stuck out once. This is not supposed to happen in this era of the strikeout.

The only inning which the Rockies were retired in order was the eighth, and this is amusing because the Rangers brought in Mitch Moreland, a position player, to throw that inning and save the bullpen. I don't usually say this after a pitcher has success against the Rockies, but I do hope we see him on the mound again.

The only mildly disappointing thing about this game was Juan Nicasio, who made it through just five innings and handed out five free passes. He did however limit the Rangers to just two hits and prevented any of the walks from scoring.

I'm not going to worry about this right now though. While your starting pitcher is a major part of the story 95% of the time in a baseball game, tonight was one of those other nights.

* * * * *

The Rockies will play the Rangers again tomorrow, but this time the setting will shift to Texas as the Rockies begin a stretch where they play 16 of 22 on the road. The pitching match up is Jorge De La Rosa (3-3) vs. Colby Lewis (2-1) and the battle is set to begin at 6:10 p.m.  MT.

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