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Purple Dinosaur Podcast, Episode No. 8: Beard and the Rakers

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Brandon Barnes, Jenny Cavnar, Bryan Kilpatrick and more on the first PDP episode under the Purple Row banner!

Doug Pensinger

Purple Dinosaur Podcast opens a new chapter in our short history with our partnership with Purple Row, announced this week.

We talk with Purple Row Co-Head Honcho (official title) Bryan Kilpatrick about what you can look forward to in this new era of awesomeness. ROOT Sports reporter and host Jenny Cavnar joins the show from Arlington to look back at the Rockies' start to the season and look ahead to a tough looming road slate that includes two games against the Rangers starting tonight. Plus, we chat with Rockies outfielder Brandon Barnes about his crazy offseason, his terrific start to his Rockies career, and the next ink he'll be putting on an already impressive tattoo collection.

There will inevitably be some technical issues with the transfer of RSS Feeds, so if you have to re-subscribe to the 'cast, feel free to go ahead and do so. If you're against re-subscribing out of sheer principle, then this post isn't for you.

We started this podcast because we know that there is a legitimate Rockies fan base, a fan base that wants more than just the usual "oh, the Monforts won't spend any money/party deck/trade Tulo" blather you usually hear on Denver talk radio. We want it to be fun, we want it to be informative, and we want you guys to feel like you have a true alternative.

We couldn't be more excited to start this new chapter in the PDP, and we hope you enjoy all of our dumb jokes and mindless blather.

Go Rockies.

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