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Friday Rockpile: Do you like reading about hitting streaks? Well you're in luck!

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Despite last night's loss, Nolan Arenado broke the Rockies hitting streak record

Doug Pensinger

Arenado extends hitting streak to club-record 28 games -

This Arenado kid, he might have a future. Thomas Harding has a few choice quotes and observations about Nolan's fantastic run.

ERA leader Cueto opens series with Rockies, Arenado -

If he wants to keep the streak going though, he's going to have to overcome a cool customer in Cueto. More about the upcoming series through the link, and more on Purple Row later.

Humidor having big impact on Colorado Springs Sky Sox games - Irv Moss, The Denver Post

Colorado Springs is still a launching pad, but in the year-plus since the triple-A team installed a humidor, scoring has noticeably decreased. Just last night the Sky Sox won a 13 inning game 1-0. No one will confuse Security Service Field with Petco Park, but conditions are now closer to normal.

Giants top Dodgers in 10th behind Vogelsong, Sanchez - ESPN

Battles between the Giants and Dodgers are always interesting, especially since the Rockies have to end the season above both of them. Which leads us to...

Dodgers hold team meeting before homestand - Eric Stephen

They're 19-17. Kershaw is coming back. Bit early for meetings, isn't it?

The best left-side defenses ever - Ryan Romano, Beyond the Box Score

Romano looks at the best left sides of the field in the game. The analysis is mostly Orioles-centric, with Manny Machado, JJ Hardy, and David Lough taking up the intro. Strangely, the Rockies aren't even mentioned despite having Gold Glovers at each position. That's probably because UZR inexplicably hates Carlos Gonzalez, but Arenado and Tulowitzki are easily tops in the infield.