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MLB Network's complete break down of Nolan Arenado's hit streak

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Al Leiter breakin' it down.

Christian Petersen

The folks over at MLB Network recently ran a fascinating segment on our very own Nolan Arenado. After a bit of talk about the Rockies' hot offense overall, Al Leiter gives a tremendous breakdown of Arenado's different swing paths and differing approaches from the pitchers facing him.

Take a look:

His ability to create contact on all those different angles is eye-popping, especially when all put right next to each other like that. We talked recently about Nolan's mental approach and Leiter lays out some ways that pitchers could start responding to this information and taking advantages of the few weaknesses he highlights.

Whether this is sustainable for an extended length of time, what Nolan Arenado has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt is an ability to hit pitches anywhere in the strike zone to any part of the ballpark. His spray chart is easily the most promising evidence not that he will continue to get hits in every game but that he may have a bright future as a hitter in this league.