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Three catchers the Rockies should pursue

Wilin Rosario and Jordan Pacheco aren't getting it done. Maybe they will bounce back. But the Rockies should at least explore a trade for one of these three players.

Doug Pensinger

A late "Scaling the Rox" article today due to technically difficulties (a virus monster tried to eat my computer but I thwarted it in the Tron Arena) but it will be a relevant one.

Jordan Pacheco's awful play today in combination with Rosario's seemingly stagnant defensive progression has got me thinking this team needs to upgrade at catcher. I have no idea what the market really is for these guys but let me just highlight three players who seem like they could be had at a reasonable price from teams who are not in contention.

Kurt Suzuki

Suzuki has a surprisingly high 116 wRC+ for a guy who has always been known for his defense. I wouldn't want the Rockies to acquire him for that, though it's nice to see signs of life and a trip to Coors Field usually doesn't hurt that. Still, the Rockies would be acquiring Kurt Suzuki's excellent receiving skills and defensive ability.

I am of the belief that this team has enough offense at the other positions (and are already getting almost zero offense from catcher) that having a defense first catcher making the majority of the starts would be enough of a cost benefit on that side of the ball (where the rest of the defense has been so good) to offset any offensive issues.

Suzuki is the best defensive catcher that may be had (Twin not in contention) and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg since he is past his prime. I wouldn't part with anything major to get him, but I would definitely be asking Minnesota what it would take.

Wellington Castillo

Much like with our first candidate, Castillo is playing for a team that isn't going anywhere this year and has made it known that anyone on their roster could be had for the right price. Castillo is still young but is also having a down year offensively and has yet to set the world on fire with the bat.

The Cubs like him because he works good at-bats, and has decent pop, but again his main draw is his defense. It is hard to tell what the market would be and the Cubs will only want young pieces back. If their pursuits of Brian McCann and Carlos Ruiz are any indication, the Rockies could even explore a straight up trade of Rosario's (theoretical/historic/potential) offense for one of these defensive catchers.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

This seems less likely except that it's the Marlin so who knows. Maybe this is me still wishing the Rockies had already signed him this winter but again Rosario's potential has still got to be an exciting prospect for some teams. He may just be in the middle of a slump right now and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Baby Bull really get going this year.

But I am losing faith every day that he will turn into a defensive catcher that can be serviceable, especially on a team without any true ace. Maybe the Rockies have some true aces in the wings in Jon Gray and Eddie Butler, but I don't think they have a catcher on the roster that I would feel uber comfortable having work with them as rookies.

This is why I would be much more okay slightly over paying for a catcher than for a bullpen arm.

I still don't like the idea of moving either Cuddy or Dickerson but Rosario and/or Rutledge and/or a prospect should be on the table.

Any other catchers on your radar screen? Share in the comments?