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Purple Dino Podcast No. 13: Interviews with Tyler Matzek and Adam Ottavino, plus more

Everything sucks right now, but Tyler and Anthony are here to help you get through it.

Doug Pensinger

Purple Dinosaur Podcast keeps plugging along despite the Rockies' atrocious May and June collapse. Colorado is 3-14 over its last 17 games since the demise of Nolan Arenado's exploding finger. Then came the last week. Eddie Butler's out. Michael Cuddyer's out. Carlos Gonzalez is out. Prospect Daniel Winkler is headed for Tommy John. Fun, right?

But on this week's show, WE PRESS ON, SO NEVER FEAR. Still some bright spots! Sorta! We'll hear from prospect Tyler Matzek ahead of his MLB debut Wednesday night against the Braves. Plus an interview with Rockies reliever Adam Ottavino, in which we ask him about the @OttavinosSlider twitter account, and much, much more!

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