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Friday Rockpile: plunkings, Dickerson's great year, and Chacin rebounds

It's been a good two days in Rockie-land. But a trip to San Francisco looms...

Dustin Bradford

The Jhoulys Chacin the Rockies have been waiting for finally arrives - Denver Post

Lost amid yesterday's kerfuffle was Jhoulys Chacin's best start of the season, seven innings of scoreless ball. The Machine is finally shaking off the rust. Of course, Patrick Saunders' recap also heavily features quotes about the outbreak of beanball in the later innings. Included are many hilarious quotes of guys pretending there was no intent because they don't want to get fined. Carpenter claimed the ball "cut on him." Whatever bro.

Corey Dickerson bringing energy to lineup as fill in for Carlos Gonzalez - Denver Post

For some reason, Dickerson was never seen as much of a prospect, despite raking at every level of the minors. Perhaps some mythical Super Major Leagues is still unimpressed, but Dickerson's body of work so far has become undeniable. He now has a career 129 wRC+ and a 179 wRC+ in 134 plate appearances this year. Minimum 120 PAs, that's fourth in baseball. Holy cow. As a fill in for Carlos Gonzalez, he's doing things beyond what Cargo does. Bargle bargle small sample size, grumble grumble unsustainable, but Dickerson's performance has been amazing.

Rockies' mettle will be tested in San Francisco - Tracy Ringolsby

Feel good after these last two victories? Finally starting to back away from that ledge? Cautiously checking the Wild Card standings? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Rockies are going on a west coast road trip. Ringolsby breaks down all the gory details of the Rockies' history at the torture chamber that is AT&T Park. And after that is LA--yikes. If there's anything that can be salvaged from this season, at least a split is required, but that's easier said than done...

Rox go above slot to sign sixth-rounder George -

Colorado native Max George will forgo college to join the Rockies minor league ranks, for an above-slot bonus of $620,000 dollars. Good for him, good for the Rockies.

Major League debuts and unwritten rules - Rockies Zingers

Adam Peterson looks at the bevy of pitchers to make their major league debut for the Rockies recently. He also throws out some opinions about yesterday's fracas, if you're still interested. I hope you are, because more will be coming later. Stay tuned!

Baseball's biggest over- and under-achievers, by position - Fangraphs

The always amusing Jeff Sullivan looks at the players who have been playing above or below their preseason projections. Numerous Rockies make the list (in both good and bad ways, including the biggest underachiever in baseball).

Jhoulys Chacin has been throwing the fourth-worst pitch in the big leagues this year. I do not know if this article includes yesterday's start.