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Sunday Rockpile: Happy Father's Day

Can the Rockies ever figure out how to hit on the road? Is Nolan Arenado's injury the main factor in the Rockies recent losses? How good was Rex Brothers yesterday? All that and more on this Father's day edition of the Rockpile.

Ezra Shaw

Happy Father's day everyone. It's a hard day for me, as I wrote last year, but it is still a day of celebration and of baseball. Thanks Dad for teaching me that "you always have time to make a good throw."

Now let's get to some links:

Our good friend Richard Bergstrom of Rockies Zingers has another excellent look into the perennial problem of the Rockies woes trying to hit on the road.

Richard also mentions in the article the Blogger's Panel that took place on June 7 at the Breckenridge Brewery that featured Jeff Aberle (a little bit of me being a nuisance "asking questions") and some great stuff from Nick Groke, Ben Hochman, and Jonah Keri, as well as a few surprise guests one of whom was team historian Paul Parker who offered some great insights.

You can listen to the audio from the event here and I would highly recommend it even though it isn't perfectly clear in one or two spots. There is a ton of great information there.

Patrick Saunders at the Post looks back at how the Rockies "skid began with a slide" looking at the devastating impact of Nolan Arenado's injury on the team's performance ever since.

His colleague Nick Groke breaks down Rex Brother's perfectly dominant nine pitch, three strikeout performance yesterday.

Groke also has some good stuff from Brandon Barnes on his decisive inside the park home run.

Thomas Harding at talks about the support Brett Anderson has gotten from his dad through trying times. This one got to me a bit. Verklempt? Yeah I think that;s what happened to me here.