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Game Preview: The Rockies cannot win this game in San Francisco

Annnnnd ... here we go!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think there is any way the Colorado Rockies can top themselves today. No way. Can't happen.

That thing they are going for that happens almost never in San Francisco and/or against the Giants almost certainly won't happen today. No way. Can't happen.

The Rockies will not win in late game heroics or Giant meltdowns. They couldn't possibly get a better performance out of Juan Nicasio than they will get out of Madison Bumgarner, or as our friends on the Purple Dinosaur Podcast call him "Madison BOM-Gardener." Jaun Nicasio over Madison Bumgarner? No way. Can't happen.

There is zero chance in the universe that a team of guys most people have never heard of who are being forced into service time because of a parade of horrors leading to approximately 90 billion percent of the payroll being on the DL will come through again with solid performances up and down the lineup. No way. Can't happen.

The Colorado Rockies can't win this game if they go into the ninth inning losing. The can't win baseball games in San Francisco. The first month and a half of the season was an illusion and their miserable stretch of 15 games or so is who they really are. The Rockies cannot, cannot, win today's baseball game. No way. Can't happen.

Which is okay because we already delivered two gut punches in this series. The Rockies play with house money today. And there is no way -- just no way -- they do it again.