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Purple Row Prospects Polling Thread - Summer 2014

The voting thread for the Purple Row community to choose the top 30 Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs).

Caitlin Rice

All right Purple Row community, it's once again time to vote on your top 30 Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs) in the comment section of this thread!

For your reference, here is the Winter 2013 PuRPs list.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Your list must be at least 30 players long -- partial ballots will not be counted. If you're having trouble filling out your list, check out great resources like and Baseball-Reference to find any stats you might need. Only the top 30 names will be counted on the ballot -- if the same player is listed multiple times on the ballot, the player ranked 31st (if applicable) will be moved up to fill the list. To reiterate: if there aren't at least 30 distinct players on the list, the ballot won't be counted.
  • Feel free to give a rationale about the placement of each prospect, but you aren't required to do so by any means.
  • Polls will be open from now until the end of Sunday, July 6th (MDT). This thread will be pinned to the front page until then. Once I tabulate the results, I will reveal the list five names at a time over the next week or so after voting ends.
  • Players are eligible for inclusion if they still retain their Rookie of the Year eligibility (less than 50 IP, 130 ABs, and/or less than 45 days on the active roster) - this includes 2014 Rockies draft picks! The only player from the winter list that has exhausted their ROY eligibility and therefore is no longer eligible is Chad Bettis (8).
  • Scoring will be in done like the AP poll in college football -- that is, a first place vote gets a player 30 points, a second place vote 29, and so forth on down to 1 point for a 30th place vote. It's important to note that until a player is named on at least 1/3 of all ballots cast that their vote totals will only receive partial credit (on a sliding scale which depends on the total number of ballots cast). This is to prevent individuals from manipulating the poll with "vanity" votes for marginal prospects.
  • All ballots are weighted equally (so long as the players on them are named on enough ballots to qualify). Charlie Drysdale's ballot is worth the same as mine or my dad's. The PuRPs list is a community ranking of Rockies prospects and we're proud of that fact. As a result, we ask that you put some quality effort into compiling your list.
  • Remember, everyone has their own methodology of ranking their PuRPs. You may disagree with how one user ranks their PuRPs over your own, but it remains in your hands to maintain civil discourse when discussing said PuRPs. That's what makes this ranking so great.

With that, have fun with this list. I look forward to a lively (but civil, in accordance with Purple Row's rules and regulations) debate over each others' lists. Let's try to keep this thread focused on the lists, please.