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Game Preview: Friedrich vs. Peralta

Why do we always hurt the ones we love?  It isn't the bat's fault Troy.
Why do we always hurt the ones we love? It isn't the bat's fault Troy.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

After a difficult homestand against the Brewers and Cardinals, the Rockies take the road to face the...Brewers?  In what seems a horrible scheduling job by MLB, the Rockies have the face the Brewers with many of the same pitching matchups at a time when the Brewers are hot and the Rockies are cold.  Thanks MLB.

I would say that it would be impossible for Christian Friedrich to have a worse outing than his last against Milwaukee, but with this team, who knows anymore.  That last game was the inexplicable bases clearing wild pitch that should have been a passed ball error on the catcher and a stuipidy error on Friedrich.  But I digress.  Tonight we get to see if being several thousand feet below Denver can help Christian and his 6.00 ERA.  Other than that one play he didn't have that bad of an outing in his last start.

Wily Peralta takes the mound for the opposition.  Last week the Rockies were able to score four runs, three earned, over 7+ innings against Peralta. One would think that the team would need at least this much production to earn a win tonight.

The rest of the lineups will show up in the Game Thread because they have not shown up yet anywhere I have looked. Of note, the Rockies' injured list is so long that ESPN doesn't even provide all of the players on it when discussing Colorado.

It would be really nice for this team to start the road trip off right with a win.  GO ROCKIES!