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Game wrap: Rockies 4, Brewers 7

The one fun moment of the night.
The one fun moment of the night.
Tom Lynn

Stop me if you heard this one before, the Rockies can't score more than four runs and their pitchers can't help but give up more than four runs.  Not much of a chance of winning the game when this happens, almost every night.  Blame the injuries if you like, but this team is just not competitive and it is getting harder to try and find a way to get excited to watch them play.

Tonight, Christian Friedrich did not give up a bases clearing wild pitch, however he did uncork two wild pitches. Only an amazing play from Ryan Wheeler in the third inning to get the unassisted double play off a line drive kept the score from being 5-0 or more after three.  Wheeler then tried to make a game of it with his bat in the fourth by hitting a grand slam that gave the team a 4-3 lead since he kept the Brewers below four runs with his glove.

But this is the Rockies and we can't have nice things.  The lead lasted an inning and a half before Christian Friedrich had to be pulled after giving up a double and two singles to lead off the fifth to make it a tie game.  A sacrifice fly gave the Brewers the lead and they added on two more in the eighth just to make sure Colorado wouldn't come back.

The one other time that the Rockies seemed to be threatening, in the seventh, the Brewers went to their bullpen before their pitcher gave up the lead, something we may want to look into.  Of Friedrich's four innings pitched and five earned runs, Weiss had this to say, "he battled and hung in there pretty well tonight."  Are you kidding me? five runs in four innings is hanging in there pretty well?  I think we need a little bit higher expectations from our manager.

Well, there is always tomorrow and the rest of the weekend to try and win one game against the Brewers this year.  Good luck Rockies and, maybe more importantly, good luck Rockies fans.


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