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Social Media Roundup, Week 17: Troy Tulowitzki stays, Josh Byrnes goes, and more

Here are the highlights, lowlights and tail-lights from Rockies baseball in cyberspace.

Tom Pennington

Hello, everybody, this is not Mel Allen! It’s been a busy baseball week: some of it good, some of it bad, but all of it worth recommending, liking, favoriting and retweeting.

Bill Geivett kicked off things by reassuring Rockies fans that, despite the team's recent struggles, Troy Tulowitzki will wear puple pinstripes for a long time:

That's good news for Josh Byrnes, who can use Tulo's old packing boxes now that he's been sacked in San Diego:

In terms of a replacement for the Padres, that could come from another NL West club:

Tuesday brought some good news the Rockies' way, with Rosell Herrera being named to the "World" Roster for the 2014 Futures Game. And the good news kept coming, as the Rockies beat the Cardinals on Tuesday night. If you watch this clip more than once, it makes it look like the Rockies won more than one game this week:

NCAA chief Mark Emmert testified that minor-league sports aren't successful or well supported, which prompted minor-league baseball clubs to react, both at the ballpark and in social media (with a hashtag of #ReallyMark?):

I won't ruin the details of the Lake Country Captains' "Mark Emmert Appreciation Night," but they're hilarious.

After the brouhaha, Emmert clarified that he wasn't talking about minor-league baseball. But there was a moral to the story:

Finally, as a public service announcement, be sure to clearly mark your contact information on your luggage:

As Paul Lukas noted in a column several years ago, losing uniforms and equipment is uncommon, but not unprecedented. Same as it ever was.

And that’s the way it is for the Social Media Rodeo on the week of June 23. Have a good weekend, buckaroos, and let's watch the Rockies beat the Brewers!