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Saturday Rockpile: The slide continues

Colorado has continued their struggles in the month of June.

Mike McGinnis

With the continued dive the Colorado Rockies are on, the news about the team is very light.  What little there is today focuses mainly on players trying to return from injury.  As the season continues to unfold it is not too early to pay attention to Rockies' prospects and you can submit your vote for the PURPs list here.

Rox run out of chances amid Barun's walk-off 1B - Caitlin Swieca

While everyone can find the post game wraps they want to read, I wanted to link this one because of the Walt Weiss quote in it.  He takes the blame for Matt Belisle pitching to Ryan Braun.  While I applaud his honesty, I am not a big fan of the decision.  It is written as if it was a choice of which player do you want to hurt you, Ryan Braun or Jonathan Lucroy, but really it was a decision on whether to pitch to Scooter Gennett or Ryan Braun.  The inning started with a single and then a sacrifice bunt.  That makes it one out with a runner on second base.  The Brewers don't score without a hit but the Rockies need two outs.  The next three batters are Gennett, Weeks, and Braun.  Intentionally walking Gennett means Braun is coming to the plate and then the passed ball against Weeks made it that much harder.

Rockies' Wilin Rosario out with back tightness - Patrick Saunders

Patrick Saunders posted this piece before the game last night.  While it discusses the injury, the article makes a bigger point to how when Wilin is struggling to hit it creates a big hole at the catcher position.

Nolan Arenado, Brett Anderson awaiting their triple-A rehab stints - Patrick Saunders

Updated information on Nolan Arenado and Brett Anderson who may be the first two to return for the struggling lineup and rotation.

Rosario remains day-to-day with back tightness - Caitlin Swieca

This article on also talks about Nolan Arenado and Brett Anderson.  For those looking to enjoy major league talent at a reduced price, you may want to think about going to Colorado Springs for their July 2nd game against Oklahoma City.  Barring any setbacks, this game should have Brett Anderson pitching and Nolan Arenado playing third base.

The best rookies of all time - David Schoenfield

Troy Tulowitzki makes this list on by David Schoenfield.  After looking at the rest of the list, it is not bad company for him to be in but the comparison to Nomar Garciaparra concerns me for the injury similarity.