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Sunday Rockpile: Time for regime change?

Is the Rockies terrible play recently worthy of a total front office overhaul?

Doug Pensinger

Is the Rockies's terrible play recently worthy of a total front office overhaul?

Did you wake up this morning and think to yourself, "y'know, me, I know this Rockies season has been a nightmare lately, but nightmares are amorphous and confusing, could someone put the harsh reality into easy to understand numbers that I can look at and then cry into a bucket?"

Well, Patrick Saunders has you covered as he runs the numbers that are both shocking and not-at-all surprising from your 2014 Colorado Rockies.

For a more ambiguous take on what's happening right now and how the Rockies might come out of this, according to Walt Weiss, check out Nick Groke's piece from this morning.

Neal Reid from has the first returns on Nolan Arenado's rehab that started with a 2-4 performance including a double and two RBI last night for Colorado Springs. For me, this is the money quote:

"I didn't get as many [chances at third] as you would like, but I got that last one that was tough, and it was great," said Arenado, who wore a brace on his left hand while on base. "It felt fine and didn't hurt my finger. Even when I hit [the double] to left, there was no pain at all."

As our regular readers know, I couldn't be any more against the talk of regime change at this point but for a thoroughly entertaining look at the opposing view (as always) check out our good friend David Martin at Rockies Review and his (completely wrong!) take.

My opinion, has been and remains that this was a valid argument two years ago or a year from now, but right now this would be like hiring a contractor to build your house then firing him right after the foundation is finalized because there was a storm. Let's not make an emotional decision here.

Another blogger buddy of mine and ours, Richard Bergstrom from Rockies Zingers, has a pretty cool into piece on SABR metrics for anyone who is interesting in diving deeper into the statistical aspect of the game.