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Game Preview: Rockies to play another game, I guess

The Rockies will probably lose another embarrasing game at the MLB level today, but that's okay since we're all watching Nolan Arenado anyway.

Mike McGinnis

Despite their better judgement, the Colorado Rockies will play another baseball game today.

If recent history is any indication, they will lose this game in specacularly ugly fashion. Jorge de la Rosa is in line for the blame start today as he takes the hill in attempt to yadda yadda the Rockies out of this blah.

The Brewers will toss whoever because it doesn't really matter Yovani Gallardo who will likely stifle the Rockies AAA team plus Tulo all day until narrowly giving up the lead, knowing that his offense will destroy the Rockies bullpen in the later innings anyway.

The Rockies come into this one having lost aprroximately 1,000 of their last 22 games and so are looking for something positive -- anything positive -- to come out of this game. Maybe Troy Tulowitzki will hit a home run or make a fancy play! Maybe this will be the one day the bullpen doesn't allow any runs, though I'm sure we could still find a way to lose under those circumstances.

The most promising thing moving forward for this Rockies team won't take place in any MLB game but instead will be the continuation of 'Nado Watch 2014. Nolan Arenado's presence had been proving him to be the second most indispenable player on this team and now his absence has cemented that notion, driven over it in a tank, and tattood "we need Nolan Arenado" into the collective conciousness of all of Rockie Town.

But hey, we still gotta play the games in front of us, right? Right? I'm getting confirmation that this is correct. We will play today. Sorry everyone.