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Game Wrap: Rockies beat Brewers 10-4, karmic justice

It wasn't pretty, but we'll take it. The Rockies come away from the Brewers series with a win on the strength of a Wilin Rosario little league home run (E6, E2) on a ground ball to third. That'll teach 'em!

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, can't lose 'em all.

I've chalked some Rockies losses (when they were healthy) up to just being one of those games thrughout the course of a 162 game schedule that you are going to lose. Regardless of sport, I call these "Murphy's Law" games and that's what hapenned to the Milwaukee Brewers during their 10-4 loss at the hands of the Colorado Rockies.

The Brewers repaid the embarrassment the Rockies endured by having three runs score on one embarrassing play by allowing three runs to score on one embarrassing play in the top of the fifth.

When your catcher hits what amounts to a three run home run on a grounder to third, the universe wants you to win that game.

Wilin Rosario scored Troy Tulowitzki and Corey Dickerson on a play that saw errors from third baseman Aramis Ramirez and catcher Jonathan Lucroy in a play that would cause a little league coach to lose his mind.

Karmic justice? Sheer galactic humor? Just a fun opportunity for the twittersphere to flood with comments like "did these teams just trade jerseys?" Either way, I'll take it.

If the Rockies had done the same thing today, it would be proof of organizational dysfunction. Ah, the glories of winning games in the now. Today's fiasco of gifts (which also included several miscues from left-fielder Khris Davis who looked like he had never played the position before) only serve as a reminder that even the teams with the best records have their moments of looking completely incompetent.

Troy Tulowitzki had a nice day at the plate, going 3-5 with two runs scored.  Corey Dickerson keeps Corey Dickersoning with two hits, runs, and RBI each though he gave us a scare when he came out of the game after apparently twinging something in his left leg.

Please don't take another oh great and powerful injury gods. We'll never do it again, whatever it was, we're sorry!

All-in-all regardless of how much help they received, it was a sigh inducing and much needed win today. If the goal right now is to stay afloat until reinforcements arrive then every win before the all-star break is huge. These kinds of games can build (at least offensive) momentum though the pitchers on the schedule in Washington may kill that thought before it gets a chance to fly.

Decent day on the mound considering the lineup and the fact that Wilin was really struggling to block balls in the dirt. Jorge de la Rosa pitched a gutsy six innings without his best stuff giving up four earned runs which was impressive if you consider Ryan Braun can score on de la Rosa like Kevin Durant on an open net.

Nothing much to get excited about here for the long term (can't count on Culberson hitting too many no-doubt bombs) but at least for one day, the Rockies stopped digging the hole.

Here's to hoping they don't dig so deep that Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez can't dig them out.

Source: FanGraphs