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2014 MLB Draft open thread

I don't know who the Rockies will pick! You don't know who the Rockies will pick! The Rockies might not even know who the Rockies will pick! It's going to be a fun and crazy night.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Freeland? Tyler Beede? Sean Newcomb? Someone we didn't even do a player profile on because we had no idea what was going to happen in this draft? These questions shall be answered soon, my friends. Stay tuned to Purple Row throughout the night for coverage of each of the Rockies picks and input from around the league, the internet, and our old friend David Hood.

It's not just the No. 8 pick overall but also the 35th and 48th picks of the draft where the Rockies could land themselves very serviceable players or even potentially some falling stock potential stars.

You can watch the draft live on MLB Network or


1. Brady Aiken - LHP (Houston Astros)

2. Tyler Kolek - RHP (Miami Marlins)

3. Carlos Rodon - LHP (Chicago White Sox)

4. Kyle Schwarber - C (Chicago Cubs)

5. Nick Gordon - SS (Minnesota Twins)