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Boone Logan to the 15-day DL: Injury gods hate the Colorado Rockies


Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's raining Rockies. And not in a good way. Bring out yer dead! Bring out yer dead!

Boone Logan is the recent causality in the injuries gods cruel game of whack-a-mole with any pitcher or impact third baseman wearing a "C" and an "R".

Left elbow inflammation might explain why a left handed specialist pitcher hasn't been getting left handed hitters out. With Rex Brothers not performing...shall we worth a damn right now, this leaves the Rockies with depleted options at left-handed reliever.

This is annoying.

I don't know what the corresponding move is yet. Chris Martin has already been recalled to replace Jordan Lyles who was called to replace who was called to replace.

Can we say we are sorry, dear vengeful and angry gods of injury and malice toward purple baseball people? Must we make sacrifice? Are you not amused? We'll give back the nineties. We don't need all those home runs. We were young and didn't know the dangers of dry balls... ... ...

The humidor was our confession the early 2000's and 2010's our penance. Please, oh lords, forgive us and find mercy in your hearts.

On second thought...maybe this is a trick to get Eddie Butler, and Tyler Matzek, and Dan Winkler and Jon Gray to the big leagues? You work in mysterious ways.

Blessed be the Purplers. Or cursed.