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Purple Hazed Ideas: MLB points system

Ever wished baseball was more like football (soccer) in any way? No? Well, you will now!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing quite matches the intensity of rooting passionately for your team to only lose by one goal ... or if they do lose by more for somebody else, somehwere else to win ... but by just enough ... or mayb a tie ... but not with too many goals!

Okay, maybe I could have sold that better, but watching team USA versus Germany in the World Cup while simultaniously rooting for any number of potential outcomes (and against a few others that at times felt contradictory) was still an undeniable blast.

I have been thinking about this for a while, but now seems like the best time to suggest a similar points system for the MLB regular season.

Firstly, how nice would it be if run differential mattered? Not only could this serve to help unlucky teams and mitigate the success of lucky teams (I'm lookin' at you San Fransisco Giants) it would also serve to make would-be blowouts much more interesting.

How many times have you been watching a baseball game that got lopsided early only to see a late inning rally from the other team fall just short? Wouldn't it be nice to reward and incentivise that team for their hard play?

What about the opposite? How many times have you seen teams fold and just decide to throw out their worst bullpen guy, or stop taking competitive at-bats? Well, now they would have every incentive to make every pitch count as every run scored would matter.

I'm not an expert on how the EPL points system works but I imagine their could be a way to adapt it so that teams who win by a lot and lose by very little get even more than just a tie-breaking reward.

I also love the idea of home wins being worth fewer points and road wins being worth more, though that could ultimately doom the purplers.

So let's say (hypothetically) that in our new system you get points based on the kinds of wins you get thrughout the season and whoever has the highest tallies at the end go to the playoffs. Hey, this is still America and we will still have playoffs, dammit.

So here goes someone who is terrible at math pulling numbers out of his beard:

Home loss = 0 pts

Home loss by 4 or more runs = -1 pts

Home loss by 7 or more runs = -2 pts

Home win = 2 pts

Home win by 4 or more runs = 3 pts

Home win by 7 or more runs = 4 pts

Road win = 3 pts

Road win by 4 or more = 4 pts

Road win by 7 or more = 5 pts

Road loss = 1 pts

Road loss by 4 or more runs = 0 pt

Road loss 7 or more runs = -1 pts

... Or something like that.

The other cool thing that this does is actually provide an incentive to keep tacking on. Have you ever said to your team, "hey guys, save some runs for the rest of the trip!" well, now you would be rooting to cross the next threshold and get more points.

I'm sure the thresholds and points could be figured out better than I did above or at least added to (hint, hint) but I think this could be a fun way to look at how the standings might look under such a scenario.

Or is this all just mindless drivel?

Welcome, once again, to Purple Hazed Ideas!