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Sunday Rockpile: Baseball is still awesome and more Jorge de la Rosa trade rumors

There are still things to enjoy about taking in Colorado Rockies games even when the owner is making an ass of himself and they aren't winning any games.

Justin Edmonds

It's been a tough year for the Colorado Rockies and their fans but Patrick Saunders has a reminder for us as we put the magnifying glass to our own pain: baseball is still awesome.

There are a lot of negatives to focus on right now so it's nice to step back every once and a while and appreciate the things we do have insteading of contstantly pining for something better. Read that Saunders piece ... tter.

Woody Paige has a suggestion for the Monforts: do things differently! I don't know why I never thought of that before! At least he includes a list of potential replacement GMs. Though the notion that the draft and develop theory has failed -- especially if you buy that there is a new philosophy in the last two years -- is quite silly considering only one player from those drafts has played in one game for the Rockies. Eddie Butler was the first of a wave that is apparently already a failure. Bummer.

Patrick Saunders talks about Troy Tulowitzki adding veteran savvy to his already pretty full tool-kit. It's definitely interesting to hear Tulo talk about the changes in the approach to his game over the years and what he has learned in his time in MLB.

Nick Groke has more on the persisting rumors that the Rockies may trade Jorge de la Rosa. Even Jorge notes in the piece at the end that he feels like he has figured out how to pitch here and is comfortable in Colorado putting him completely alone in that group. Also a note at the end of this one about Carlos Gonzalez batting second which manager Walt Weiss has said was somewhat inspired dby his old manager Tony LaRussa.