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Tuesday Rockpile: Justin Morneau's return to Minnesota, and more Monfort talk

Yesterday's Home Run Derby went well for the pair of Rockies involved, despite the rain. Meanwhile, clouds continue to hover over the ownership situation.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies owner Dick Monfort, disgruntled fan, chat over breakfast - Denver Post

The dominant narrative of the past week in Rockie land has been the Dick Monfort public relations crucible. First it was the catty emails to annoyed fans, then it was a dry apology, and now it has evolved into personal contact with the fan base. Monfort sat down with one of those annoyed fans, and proceeded to confirm basically everything she was annoyed about. In lieu of further editorializing, here is Benjamin Hochman's take:

Hochman: Rockies' culture must change if their fortunes ever will

The main point of contention Hochman raises is this quote from the Monfort breakfast: "If someone from another organization came in, they would want to bring other personnel with them, and that would change the Rockies' culture." A culture of four straight losing seasons sure sounds like a culture that could use some change.

Home Run Derby

But hey, there was some other fun stuff yesterday!

Rockies' Justin Morneau enjoys Home Run Derby back in Minneapolis - Denver Post

Rockies fans have only had Justin Morneau for half a season, but he has already made a significant impression. He's personable, always hustles, and still one heck of a player. So it's no surprise that the fans in Minnesota gave him a large, sustained ovation as he was announced for the Home Run Derby. He gave them several outstanding seasons, and they still love him in the Twin Cities. He only blasted two home runs--not exactly the epic showing we all wanted--but the moment was still cool. And hey, at least he didn't Puig it up and fail to hit one out.

Troy Tulowitzki hit four dingers in his first round but failed to beat Todd Frazier in the second round. Oh well; at least he didn't tear an oblique trying to muscle one out.

Yoenis Cespedes won it for the second year in a row, beating my pick Giancarlo Stanton and Frazier.

Saunders: admiration connects Yankees' Derek Jeter, Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki - Denver post

Hey, did you know Tulo looks up to Jeter a little bit?

Also included are notes from the bemused Charlie Blackmon and Adrian Beltre on Nolan Arenado.