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All Star Game preview and open thread

The Mid-Summer Classic has arrived, and with it a big ol' helping of hoopla. Here's the Rockies related hoopla.

Rob Carr

Our very own (for all time and eternity) Troy Tulowitzki is captaining tonight's All Star Game, and he's planted in his customary 3-hole in the lineup. The NL lineup is truly formidable, with Andrew McCutchen leading off and a murderer's row of power hitters backing him up.

As befits all civilized thinkers, tonight's game is played with a Designated Hitter. Giancarlo Stanton, he of the mighty 500 foot dinger last night, gets that nod behind Tulo and Paul Goldschmidt.

Adam Wainwright got the honor to start the game (somewhat controversial, since Clayton Kershaw, as we all know, has been unconscious this year). He's one of the best pitchers of our generation, and it will be fun to see him try to navigate the loaded AL squad.

Derek .646 OPS Jeter leads off for the junior circuit. But then it gets dicey: Trout-Cano-Cabrera-Bautista? Yikes. That's some major star power there. Waino will have his work cut out for him.

Charlie Blackmon, presumably no longer wearing his patriotic pre-game gear, will be waiting in the wings. He will likely get inserted into the game in the later innings and probably get an at bat or two.

There ya have it folks. This should be a fun one. Hopefully Tulo and Chuck acquit themselves well; throw out a base hit or make a nice defensive play. They have been bright spots in this monumentally terrible year, and it'll be fun to see them rewarded for their efforts.