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MLB All-Star Game: Troy Tulowitzki doubles, swims into second base

The Rockies' star shortstop finished 1-for-3 and turned in this nifty slide.

Troy Tulowitzki looked pretty good in his last two at-bats of the 2014 All-Star Game after striking out in the first inning.

Tulo whiffed while possibly protecting Andrew McCutchen, who was attempting to steal third base, in the opening frame, but followed that by lining out to left on a ball that would have dropped in front of most left fielders, but not Mike Trout. Finally, in the fifth, the Rockies' star shortstop launched one to the opposite field off of Tigers ace Max Scherzer.

The ball hit high off the right-center field wall, allowing Jose Bautista to field it quickly and make a strong throw to second. That forced Tulowitzki to get crafty on his slide: Tulowitz_medium

Tulo was safe, but was stranded at second when Paul Goldschmidt struck out swinging to end the inning. That was unfortunate, because the American League tacked on a pair of runs in the bottom half of the inning to take a 5-3 lead.