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AL wins All Star Game 5-3; Tulo doubles, Blackmon goes hitless, and JETER

It was a Derek Jeter love fest all night, but it was also a pretty solid game.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Well it wasn't the best All Star game in the history of the Colorado Rockies, but I guess you have to admit that the pitching is pretty good in these things. Troy Tulowitzki smacked an opposite field double and Charlie Blackmon went 0-2 in his first All Star game. Tulo had a line out to left field that probably should have been a base hit, but he hit it so dang hard that it held up for the best player in baseball, Mike Trout #Drewcreasman.

Anyway, it was a higher scoring contest than we're used to from these games, what with all the insane pitching. Adam Wainwright gave up three extra base hits in the first inning, including a double to Derek Jeter, a triple to Mike Trout, and a dinger to Miguel Cabrera.

The NL counter-punched with a couple second inning doubles from Jonathan Lucroy and Chase Utley. Lucroy again doubled home a runner in the fourth, but those three runs wouldn't be enough for the NL.

In the fifth Trout slammed another base hit and scored Derek Norris.

The whole night was shrouded in Derek Jeter pre-nostalgia, as the legendary short stop made his final All Star game. He did well for himself, with a first inning double and third inning single. Adam Wainwright admitted to grooving some pitches down the middle for the retiring Hall of Famer, but that can be expected in these meaningless exhibition games (wait, these determine World Series home field advantage?!?).

Tulo struck out in the first inning against Felix Hernandez, lined out against Yu Darvish, and doubled off Max Scherzer. He performed a nifty little swimming slide to avoid the tag from the AL second baseman, which is one of my favorite baseball plays of all time. Seriously, not only are you diving head first through a shroud of dirt to try to reach the base, but you also have to have the wherewithal to know whether the fielder has the ball, and the coordination to slither your body around it. Just awesome. And Tulo managed to not blow out his hamstrings doing it. Paul Goldschmidt struck out, leaving Tulo at second.

Charlie Blackmon's two at bats were a strikeout and a game ending groundout to second base. We all would have loved for him to kick ass, but it's still remarkable that Charlie made it to the All Star game in the first base. Good job Chuck.

So the AL gets home team advantage in the World Series. Good for them. I wish this meant something for the Rockies, but we all know it doesn't. Either way, fun night. The season starts back up on Friday.