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Friday Rockpile: Chatwood needs Tommy John surgery

The second half of the season starts up today, and already we have bad news

Christian Petersen

The second half of the 2014 season begins in earnest for the Rockies today, and it's already beginning inauspiciously.

Tyler Chatwood out for Rockies rest of season with Tommy John surgery - Denver Post

Welp. I guess rest and rehab was not the way to go. After sitting out for a couple months, the "flexor strain and inflammation" apparently turned into a full-blown torn UCL. This will be Chatwood's second Tommy John. Obviously he's done for the rest of 2014 and most--maybe all--of 2015. What a year.

Rockies players say they are confident about a late post season chase - Denver Post

It's tempting to just say "LOL" and leave it at that. That's the tone of Patrick Saunders' story, at any rate. It's true that with the return of Carlos Gonzalez, Nolan Arenado, Brett Anderson and Eddie Butler that there will be a big influx of talent for the team. But Michael Cuddyer is still done. Jhoulys Chacin and Chatwood are done. Jordan Lyles is a mystery right now. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if the team righted the ship and played .500 ball the rest of the way. But playoffs? Come on.

Colorado Rockies losing support from fed up fans - Denver Post

Adrian Dater does a man-on-the-street story about frustrated Rockies fans. While attendance is still strong, the Rockies' losing ways have not gone unnoticed.

Is Bill Geivett on the hotseat as Rockies assistant GM? - Nick Groke

Nick Groke writes in his blog about a recent radio interview with Dick Monfort. When asked about who is responsible for the Rockies' terrible 2014, Monfort replied, "You would have to say it’s Bill Geivett (Rockies assistant GM). He’s responsible for the major-league team." I've always liked Geivett, even if his exact responsibilities were never exactly clear to me. But I'd imagine the blame for 2014 should get laid at the feet of many people, from Geivett to O'Dowd to Monfort to the baseball gods to Cthulhu to Bob in Boulder. He knows what he did.

Pitchcraft: the midseason GIF awards - Grantland

On a lighter note, check out some of the best pitches of the first half of the year, if your computer can handle a thousand GIFs. No Rockies pitchers made the list, obviously, but there are a couple GIFs of Rockies striking out!