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Saturday Rockpile: Back in the basement

The Rockies have hit the NL

Justin K. Aller

So the Rockies returned from the All-Star break, lost their first game in what has become a fairly typical fashion, and now own the worst record in the National League. If you want good news, at least they still have a better record than both teams from Texas. For other news, read below:

Tyler Chatwood, Rockies pitcher, to have surgery next week - Denver Post

This is news that was previously made available to fans, but the article gives some more information and some added tidbits from the game last night. I found two things humorous about the article. First, that Nick Groke and the Denver Post felt like they had to mention in the title of the article that Chatwood pitches for the Rockies. The article is for the sports page of the Denver Post. I get that not everyone is going to know exactly who Tyler Chatwood is at first but they should be able to figure it out with the pitcher's picture and after reading the first paragraph.

The second item was Walt Weiss explaining how he threw Charlie Culberson to the wolves by having him play first base for the first time in his MLB career. This really tells me how badly the Rockies have their roster built right now. Their primary backup to an aging first baseman has been out for several months but they don't have at least a semblance of a plan on how to back him up.

Anderson sets out to even series for Rockies in Pittsburgh -

This article is a very early preview for today's game and also gives some information on Tyler Chatwood, Rockies pitcher, and his decision to have surgery. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)

2014 trade value: the top 10 -

Dave Cameron finishes his yearly series with Troy Tulowitzki moving up several spots from last year. I still think he has Tulo too low, but perhaps contract size, age, and the dreaded Coors Field effect keep him from placing him in the top three where I think his value is.

Kyle Freeland fitting in fine with Rockies' Grand Junction farm team - Denver Post

Now I would think that less Rockies fans would know who Kyle Freeland is, but the Post did not feel the need to mention he was a pitcher in the title. Somewhat scary that they have to mention that Grand Junction is a Rockies' farm team but I guess they know their audience. Irv Moss tries to jinx Freeland in the article by mentioning past Rockies' high round pitching draft picks and their varying degrees of success.

wOBA as a gateway statistic -

In a decent article about advanced statistics, Neil Weinberg tries to get all of us hooked on them by using an easy pill to swallow, wOBA. Be careful and don't say I didn't warn you, they are addictive and the first explanation is always free.