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Rockies blow 3-0 lead; this crap's getting pretty old

This is easily the worst stretch of baseball I have ever witnessed

Mitchell Layton

Calling the last month and a half of Rockies baseball a slide would be an insult to slides. There is no metaphor invented for how freaking horrible this team has played. Every night brings new embarrassments, new lowlights, new reasons to wonder why you even watch.

Tonight's game wasn't even that bad. Tyler Matzek posted a strong outing, with 6 1/3 three run innings, including six strikeouts against just one walk. He ran into trouble in the fourth, allowing three runs off a Jayson Werth homer and bad BABIP luck from Bryce Harper and Ian Desmond. While Matzek wasn't unhittable, he brought good stuff to the park, and departed with his team tied, in a position to win.

Two pitches later, the Rockies were losing. They would not come back.

The Rockies took a bunch of good swings against Doug Fister. Mike McKenry blasted a three run shot in the second inning, staking the Rocks to an early lead. They accumulated nine hits, a pretty good number against the Washington pitching staff. But another night with no success with runners in scoring position (1 for 7) doomed the Rockies again, as McKenry's homer was the only offense for the night.

Matt Belisle relieved Matzek in the seventh, allowed a home run to Desmond, and that was all she wrote. A one and six road trip, thank you very much. Yawn.

They will be right back at it tomorrow, at home against the Dodgers. Maybe their nose dive towards the cellar of the NL West will pause briefly, but it feels foolish to even hope.

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