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Sunday Rockpile: Brett Anderson good, Eddie Butler back to Tulsa, and Jon Gray on the horizon?

Brett Anderson was good last night and the Rockies two most promising pitching prospects have been reunited in Tulsa, but for how long?

Justin K. Aller

Patrick saunders of the Denver Post answers some emails from fans about the Rockies, starting with whether or not he thinks the Monforts will make some front-office decisions to "appease the fans." I'd just like to say that this is exactly the kind of poor reasoning I fear. If the Monforts are going to make changes to the front office, it should be because their baseball moves have been bad (i.e. trades, transactions, signings, drafts) and not to appease an angry mob.

Brett Anderson, one of those recent baseball moves, pitched excellently last night. Nick Groke with the nitty-gritty details on what this could mean for the Rockies and for Anderson moving forward.

Groke also has details on Eddie Butler's return to Double-A Tulsa and talks with manager Walt Weiss about his development and the possibility that the Rockies may still call up Jonathan Gray this season. I guess we will see.

Irv Moss has a nice report on Kyle Freeland settling in with Grand Junction.

And Finally, Fangraphs takes a look at the worst called strikes of the season so far, proving once again that there is no reason human beings should be making the decisions on something they can mess up so dramatically while we have the technology avaliable (and literally right next to them) to get it right 100 percent of the time. But it's not like balls and strikes are the single most important calls in the game that impact everything else on the field ... oh wait ... yes they are.

Ah, the human element. Nothing quite like allowing emotions, personal desires, biases, and general imperfection to permeate a rule that is supposed to treat everyone the same.