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Tuesday Rockpile: Walt Weiss reportedly not seeing eye to eye with Rockies' front office

Word within the industry is that the Rockies finally might just explode after years of fielding a disappointing product.

Walt Weiss wants you to get the #$%& out of his face.
Walt Weiss wants you to get the #$%& out of his face.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This time, the Colorado Rockies' mess is bound to come to a head | FOX Sports
Ken Rosenthal reports that the situation in Denver "is reaching a breaking point" after word got out that Rockies manager Walt Weiss has been butting heads with Bill Geivett and the front office as a whole.

That's not a huge surprise, and here's why: Weiss' moves are being questioned on a nightly basis, and large chunk of the reason for that is because he's being forced to pull starting pitchers earlier than he would like as a result of the organizational pitching philosophy, which limits hurlers to around 100 pitches. That obviously puts more work and pressure on the shoulders of the bullpen, which is arguably the Rockies' weakest unit.

But that's just one thing. I can't imagine Weiss loves the idea of being micromanaged, just like Jim Tracy didn't. And the other thing that the Rockies' last two managers have in common? They are/were forced to make do with a couple of the worst pitching staffs we've ever seen.

That being said, this news -- combined with Dick Monfort's comments last week about Geivett being responsible for the team's record -- tells me that Geivett's tenure with the Rockies might be coming to an end. Unfortunately for the Rockies and their fans, I think they've got the wrong guy (or at the very least, won't be taking care of enough of the problem), so booting Geivett would do little to fix anything.

Rockies Mailbag: Will Dick Monfort ever make changes in front office? - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders doesn't believe the Rockies will change anything in the front office -- of course, unless things get worse, which somehow appears possible at this point given the stuff that Rosenthal wrote about.

Rockies' rough season is especially tough on manager Walt Weiss - The Denver Post
The subject of today's big news is trying to take things in stride and doesn't believe his team has quit on him, adding that he "would walk out right now" if that were the case.

Hochman: Rockies' bullpen is bad by any measure, but any metric - The Denver Post
As RIRF did yesterday, Benjamin Hochman writes about the horrendous Rockies bullpen, and ends the piece with an irrelevant (to the subject of the column, at least) but humorous line.

Cuddyer's MRI shows shoulder healing properly | News
Michael Cuddyer's shoulder has no structural damage in his shoulder and is targeting a mid-August return. Cuddy hasn't played since June 9 and will have a lot to prove in the last month-plus of the season, if he is indeed ready to come back at that point. The 35-year-old outfielder will be a free agent after the season, meaning he won't have much time to reestablish any value he might have had before getting hurt.

Baseball Prospectus | Notes About Baseball, 7/22
Rocco DeMaro chatted with Rockies outfielder Corey Dickerson, who has been one of the biggest surprises in baseball. During the conversation, Dickerson says he never looks at his numbers and also notes that he's OK with being a platoon player at this point in his career.


Rockies Review - A Colorado Rockies Blog: Update: Colorado Rockies reach out to fan who emailed corporate sponsor about dissolving relationship with club
David Martin started a campaign that involves reaching out to the Rockies' corporate sponsors and asking them to quit supporting the team. That seems to already be paying dividends, as one fan has a meeting with team officials on Wednesday to discuss the letter he wrote to Comfort Dental. I don't know how well this will work, but I do like that David does not side with the people on the "Boycott the Rockies by not going to games" wagon. Still, as David writes, the action has definitely struck a nerve with the Rockies, so it'll be highly interesting to see where it goes from here.

MLB Power Rankings - Major League Baseball - ESPN
The Rockies slipped another spot and now sit at No. 28, ahead of only the Astros and Rangers. Here's the blurb, courtesy of Rockies Zingers writer and friend of the Row Ryan Hammon (f.k.a. Gasstation1):

"Swept in Pittsburgh during the weekend, the Rockies emerged from the break along the same trajectory they've been on since May. However, while the losing has become familiar, it's taken on a darker aura with owner Dick Monfort's recent public-relations gaffes, including the suggestion that Denver doesn't deserve a team."

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Lee made his first start in two months on Monday and didn't look good doing it, giving up six runs on 12 hits against the Giants. Lee, who is the constant subject of trade rumors, did little to show that he'd be worth what it would cost to get him, displaying an upper-80s fastball with poor command.

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