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Purple Dinosaur Podcast, Ep. 19: What do we even talk about now?

It's the same stuff over and over again for the Rockies, but Tyler and Anthony try to make the best of it because they love you.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Jason Hirsh of ROOT Sports joins the Purple Dinosaur Podcast for his second appearance. Entering Wednesday, the Rockies were 14-40 over their last 54 games which is, in baseball parlance, not exactly good. Our focus shifts to where the club goes from here. Or maybe we talked about that last week. Who knows.

We try to figure out something -- anything -- positive to talk about with the Rockies (and fail miserably). Troy Tulowitzki to the DL, minor league promotions and coaching banter, and much, much more is on the show this week. Catch the fever!

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