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MLB trade rumors: Troy Tulowitzki drawing interest from Mets, Cardinals; Yankees acquire Chris Capuano; more

The Rockies have a number of guys that other teams are inquiring about, including Troy Tulowitzki.

Justin Edmonds

Mets to Rockies: let's talk Tulowitzki, Gonzalez trade - NY Post

As we rocket toward the July 31 trade deadline, the Rockies find themselves in a delicate position. This season has been a disaster. They have assets to sell. Do they go full rebuild and snap up three to four stud pitching prospects for Tulo and Cargo? Or do they do as they always do and stay relatively quiet at the deadline (Ubaldo trade notwithstanding). I don't think Dick Monfort is ready to part with Tulo quite yet.

The linked article by Joel Sherman has a number of interesting nuggets. "Sources" of Sherman's say that the Mets think they have the prospect firepower to land Tulowitzki, and their young pitching core is enticing indeed. They also say the Cardinals love Tulo still and that the Yankees want him.

Also noted is that the Rockies have been watching Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli. Cervelli is a solid player--a good defensive backstop with a solid bat (career wRC+ of 95, and he's at 109 this year). The Yanks are looking for a starter, ie De La Rosa or Anderson. If the Rockies make this deal, it means they are finally moving on from the Wilin Rosario era, which they tried to do last off season as well.

Mariners offer Rockies deal for Drew Stubbs; Capuano dealt to Yankees - Denver Post

Nooooooo not Capuano!

As for Stubbs, now seems like the perfect sell high opportunity. I love what he's done here in Denver, and he's the perfect fourth outfielder for our lefty-heavy starting outfield. But he's starting to make some money, and you shouldn't be afraid to trade a relatively expensive fourth outfielder in a lost year. Maybe the return offered by the Mariners was lousy, who knows. Personally, I think that Safeco Field would be absolute death for Stubbs.

Walt Weiss: Ben Paulsen making the most of his big league chance - Denver Post

Who knows what the future holds for Ben Paulsen, but his opening series against the Nationals sure was nice (five hits in eleven at bats). My untrained eye was impressed with his swing at any rate. He's certainly a better option at first base than Charlie freakin' Culberson until Morneau returns. Check out Paulsen's derp-face in the article.

Brett Anderson's breaking ball: Slurve's not a dirty word - Fangraphs

A terrific piece by Eno Sarris at Fangraphs about Brett Anderson's arsenal. Definitely read the whole thing, because it's replete with quotes from the eminently quotable lefty. Also included are some close up photos of his effed up finger and his opinion about the difficulties of pitching at Coors. I found it interesting that he could never figure out the change up; I could never throw it either. I'd just spike it into the ground and look like a total idiot.

The Rockies want to be the Cubs, and the Cubs want to be something else - Rockies Zingers

Our friend Rockies Zingers writes that the Colorado Rockies are starting to resemble the hapless Cubs; but the Cubs seem to have a plan in place to get better. What's the Rockies' plan?

Much better than OK - Bradlee Ross

Bradlee Ross reviews ONEOK Field, the home turf of the Tulsa Drillers. He liked it a lot. If you click through, be sure to mute your speakers, as I got scared half to death when a Wal Mart ad auto-played at full volume.