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Game Preview: Franklin Morales vs. Edinson Volquez, clash of the titans

Edinson Volquez vs. Franklin Morales in a clash of the titans!

Justin Edmonds

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

In an epic battle to decide once-and-for-all the cosmic superiority of two massive titans of piching, the Colorado Rockies and Pittsburgh Pirates will square off while billions look on.

In one corner: Flame Throwin'-Fireballin'-Franki-Mo-Fraaaaaaaaaaaaanklin Morales!

He brings his intimidating 5.21 ERA as a starting pitcher and then a bullpen guy and then a starting pitcher again. His extreme diversity has allowed him to give up almost two home runs per nine innings in multiple roles!

He will likely walk at least four batters, showcasing an ability to hit bats and miss the strike zone at a rate that confounds experts to this day.

In the other corner: The high-voltage-verily-volitile Edinson Volquez.

He brings a decent 3.86 ERA coming into this one. Striking out just over five per inning and walking just over three should be an excellent recipe for success at a field that changes time-zones in right center field.

Yeah ... if there was no humidor my prediction for this game would be Pirates 16, Rockies 14. But the humidor simply is, and now I've written all this.

Pirates 3, Rockies 2. Just a guess.

No Tulo, no CarGo. Go Josh Rutledge!