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Tuesday Rockpile: Everybody is talking about Troy Tulowitzki

Read on for some piping hot takes on the Rockies' star shortstop.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

10 Degrees: The Red Sox’s best move is to trade Jon Lester - Yahoo Sports
Inside of this piece from Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan is this wonderful paragraph that so accurately sums up the Rockies' situation:

" ... We’re not ready to deal [Troy Tulowitzki]. We want to hear it from him ... Which is to say: We want him to be the bad guy, not us. It’s a ludicrous way to run a business, of course, and it highlights how little confidence the Rockies have in themselves to make the sort of a deal that reinvigorates and re-energizes a ball club in desperate need of both. Front-office dithering can set franchises back years ... "

Tulo day trip was innocent, but word is he wouldn't mind being a Yankee -
Jon Heyman gives his thoughts on the Tulowitzki situation, and hidden in there, says the All-Star is expected to be out for a month. I must have missed that elsewhere. Other than that, though, this is all stuff we already know: The Rockies don't want to trade Tulo now and may not even do so in the offseason, though if someone overwhelms them, a deal could happen.

Weiss has no issue with Tulo's Bronx visit | News
Walt Weiss believes Tulowitzki's attendance at Yankee Stadium is overblown. Tulo was apparently in New York to visit his mother, which better explains why he made the trip there from Philadelphia. I guess.

Anderson stands by his tweets | News
Brett Anderson's 'controversial' tweet about Tulo's visit to the Bronx was not at all controversial, as it turns out, but rather just part of Anderson's sense of humor that we've all come to love. Regardless of whether Anderson was truly annoyed at his teammates decision to attend another MLB game on the DL, I thought the tweet was hilarious and certainly not one bit worse than what Tulo did. Don't censor Brett, people!

Look for Jorge De La Rosa and Brett Anderson to stay put - The Denver Post
The Rockies' top two lefties are drawing trade interest from multiple American League clubs, reports Patrick Saunders, but chances are Colorado hangs onto the duo for the rest of this season and beyond. The Yankees and Orioles have inquired about De La Rosa, while the Royals have checked in on Anderson. Saunders says the Rockies will most likely pick up the latter's $12 million option for next season, a scenario that didn't look possible a month ago.


Rockies Review - A Colorado Rockies Blog: GUEST POST: History in Denver suggests that altitude shouldn't be an excuse for the Colorado Rockies
Tom Olson at Rockies Review uses one of the hot words of this season -- EXCUSES -- to talk about the Rockies' failure at altitude, and how it shouldn't be that way because the Denver Bears and Zephyrs didn't have problems. Setting aside the fact the minor league baseball and MLB are much different animals, ballpark dimensions also aren't taken into account here. Mile High Stadium was a veritable bandbox compared to Coors Field, so while there might have been more home runs (although, again, an apples-to-apples comparison of different levels and different eras is dangerous), I'm willing to bet hits were not as prevalent over on 17th Avenue as they are at 20th and Blake.

Finding and Losing our Keys to Victory | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball
Friend of the Row Eric Garcia McKinley takes a look at the Rockies' winningest components but doesn't use WAR to do so. It's a fun exercise.

History states that Troy Tulowitzki will not win MVP - Rox Pile
Cody Voga explains why Troy Tulowitzki won't be named NL MVP in an article that must have been written before the star shortstop landed on the DL.

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