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Rockies lose 9-0

Clayton Kershaw is apparently better than Jair Jurrjens

Dustin Bradford

The Rockies were muzzled once again by the best pitcher in baseball. Clayton Kershaw toyed with the Rockies for eight innings, allowing just two hits and no runs. Meanwhile spot starter Jair Jurrjens allowed many runs, and was later taken to the hospital after becoming short of breath.

Jurrjens hopefully is okay. He allowed three runs ninths first, thanks to a Yasiel Puig home run. He put a couple zeroes on the board until the fifth, when the dodgers put 5 markers up. But let's be honest. There was never going to be any other outcome when the matchup is Kershaw vs Jurrjens.

DJ LeMahieu got a hit against Kershaw, so at least we weren't subjected to another no hitter. Small blessings.

The disaster continues. Enjoy the rest of your Fourth of July.