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Saturday Rockpile: Ring of fire

Colorado's season is going the way of a Johnny Cash song - down, down, down

Dustin Bradford

The season reminds me of the Johnny Cash song, "(it) went down, down down as they flames went higher."  Coming off yet another game in which the Rockies couldn't score a run against Clayton Kershaw, a game that Troy Tulowitzki missed for groin tightness, and a game in which yet another pitcher couldn't make it through the game without a trip to the hospital, it makes me think that this ring of fire will never end.  Here are today's articles about all of the things I just mentioned:

Clayton Kershaw dominates Rockies again in Dodger's victory - Patrick Saunders

His scoreless streak is at 36 innings right now and almost half of that is against the Rockies.

The greatest pitcher of this era - Tony Blengino

Thanks in no small part to the Rockies, Clayton Kershaw is now up for pitcher of the era awards, oh wait that is not a real award.

Tulo resting with groin tightness, day to day - Cody Ulm

Troy Tulowitzki hurt himself on Thursday but stayed in the game because he was able to talk his manager out of the smart move of removing him.  All it did was bring an injured Tulo to the plate with one out and a runner on third.  If he would have gotten a hit, running the bases could have exacerbated the problem and made him go to the DL.  As it was, he popped out which kept the Rockies from taking the lead and he is now missing games in day to day status.  Also in this article, Carlos Gonzalez is getting closer to returning and Rob Scahill was sent down to make room for Jair Jurrgens.

Rockies' Jair Jurrgens taken to the hospital for breathing problems - Patrick Saunders

Speaking of Jair Jurrgens, he was taken to the hospital after his first start for the Rockies.  He has pitched before in Colorado when he was with Atlanta without this type of problem so hopefully it is nothing serious.  Perhaps watching his fly balls leave the park and realizing this is his new home park made him feel ill.

Rockies prospect Ryan McMahon putting up huge numbers - Irv Moss

Ryan McMahon has returned to hitting home runs in Asheville, two in his last eight games, and got himself an article in the Denver Post.  The 19-year old, left handed hitting third baseman has 12 home runs on the year and is hitting .283/.357/.521 this season.

The worst of the best: the month's wildest swings - Jeff Sullivan

Corey Dickerson and Brandon Barnes make this dubious list for June while Jhoulys Chacin adds Hanley Ramirez to the list of bad swingers.

Other news: Cubs ship Samardzija, Hammel to A's - Jesse Rogers

Former Rockie Jason Hammel went with Jeff Samardzija from the worst team in the NL Central to the best team in baseball yesterday.  Billy Beane repaired a beat up rotation with possibly the best available arm and a not to shabby Jason Hammel who may be trade bait once the A's get some of their starters back.  A team in contention trades future prospects to keep the team going when injuries hit...wouldn't that be a nice thing to have happen?