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Sunday Rockpile: Trade Tulo to New York and hire Orel Hershiser because the sky is falling!

Had enough with all the losing? Would seeing Troy Tulowitzki in Yankee Pinstripes make you feel better?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A team that nobody but me expected to compete isn't playing well with 132 players on the DL, so it's time to blow it all up right?

Patrick Saunders reminds us that Troy Tulowitzki has as much trade value as he ever has. He says:

Do I think Tulo is going to be dealt? Not this summer, I don't, but it wouldn't shock me to see him traded over the winter. I would hate to see him go, because I love watching him play. But a fresh start would do Tulo good.

Grumble grumble.

Of course, Mark Kiszla thinks he would be best in pinstripes, because what better thing to do than to trade the rarest commodity in baseball right before reinforcements arrive while the team is at it's lowest possible point in terms of healthy contributors? Doing all that and getting a middling return from a below average farm system as a special gift to a team that never can seem to catch a break in those poor-luck New York Yankees.

Woody Paige at least suggest something constructive that doesn't involve starting another rebuilding process right before the one they are working on now starts to see any kind of fruition. He suggests that the Rockies hire Orel Hershiser in a significant front office role.

I don't think anyone around the Rockies, even those like me who have defended the front office, would deny that this team has been missing something ever since the tragic passing of Keli McGregor. Whoever the Rockies hire, and I don't know much about Hershiser as a baseball mind, but the team needs a new president. Paige says:

It is known, though, that Hershiser definitely would consider a proposition to become the Rockies' executive vice president of baseball operations - with the same authority former superstar players John Elway and Joe Sakic have with the Broncos and the Avalanche, respectively.

Not so sure that this team is the dumpster fire so badly in need of being put out that so many seem to think? Well, then read Nicke Groke's piece about Corey Dickerson's sweet swing, why he is so awesome, and what his future with the Rockies looks like.

Also, y'know if these guys will even still be on the team in the future, it was kinda cool to see Carlos Gonzalez and Eddie Butler rehabbing together. Again via Nick Groke:

"I fouled off a couple balls, and that was my biggest fear - because you're not going to barrel the ball every time," Gonzalez said. "And that's when it used to hurt really bad. But this was really good. No pain. I just have to get my timing back. And I'm sure that will only take a couple at-bats."

Had enough with all the losing? Would seeing Troy Tulowitzki in Yankee Pinstripes make you feel better?