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MLB All-Star Game 2014: Rockies 1B Justin Morneau included in NL Final Vote

Vote Morneau into the ASG because why the hell not?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies first baseman Justin Morneau didn't get voted into the All-Star Game by the fans and wasn't picked by his peers or by National League manager Mike Matheny, but the veteran slugger has a chance to get in after being named as one of the five players in the NL Final Vote.

Colorado fans will have the opportunity to get Morneau, who spent the first decade of his career with the Twins, to Minneapolis for the festivities if he can beat out fellow finalists Anthony Rendon, Anthony Rizzo, Casey McGehee and Justin Upton. Morneau, from a numbers standpoint at least, stacks up well with the rest of the group. The 33-year-old Canadian entered Sunday hitting .314/.346/.518 with 13 home runs. He's done a considerable amount of damage away from Coors Field, posting a .303/.337/.4876 line in road games.

Fans can cast their vote for the Rockies' first baseman here or by Tweeting with the hashtag #VoteMorneau.

We'll have more reaction on the Rockies' All-Star selections and remaining nominees in the coming days.