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MLB All-Star Game 2014: Rockies 1B Justin Morneau leads the NL Final Vote

Voting ends Thursday, so help him stay on top until then!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Morneau's bid for making it to an All-Star Game in the city that hosted the first decade of his career is getting closer to reality.

The Rockies' first baseman leads the National League All-Star Final Vote, currently holding a slim lead over Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo and Braves outfielder Justin Upton. Morneau, who is hitting .315/.347/.514 for the last-place Rockies, would be the team's third All-Star this season, joining Troy Tulowitzki and Charlie Blackmon, and 23rd in the history of the franchise.

As a reminder, there are three ways you can vote for Morneau (or any of the other candidates, though you are hereby discouraged from doing so):

  • Use the hashtag #VoteMorneau on Twitter.
  • Do it the "old-fashioned way" by going to
  • Send a text message (but not while driving!) that reads "N2" to 89269
The Rockies are 15-39 over their last 54 completed games. Obviously, the team hasn't been a treat to watch. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't vote one of our own into the midsummer classic. In fact, I'd argue that's all the more reason to reward a good player who is forced to work hard day-in and day-out for a bad squad. So, get on it!