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Wednesday Rockpile: Monfort speaks, Morneau in the HR derby?

Dick Monfort made quite a few revealing statements in his interview with Patrick Saunders, while Justin Morneau continued to lead the NL Final Vote and was a candidate for a slot in the HR derby.

Doug Pensinger

Obviously there's one link that has generated (and will continue to generate) a considerable amount of discussion among Rockies fans today, and that's Patrick Saunders's interview with Rockies owner Dick Monfort:

Dick Monfort: "I don't know how our record got to be where it is" - The Denver Post

I think this interview deserves a full breakdown, which it will receive this evening, when time permits. In the meantime though, you can check out David Martin's sobering take on the Monfort interview on Rockies Review.

2014 MLB All-Star Game

All-Star Ballot Vote Data Visualization |

This neat map shows, by county, who is leading the way in the NL and AL Final Vote for the All-Star game. Colorado's Justin Morneau appears to be leading the way thanks in part to over 2/3 of the Canadian vote, plus strong support in the Rocky Mountain region, Minnesota, Southern California, and Ohio.

Vote Morneau early and often today and tomorrow!

Here's who deserves your Final Vote for the All-Star Game. |

For a neutral take - Jonathan Bernhardt of Sports on Earth writes about the Final Vote candidates.

Troy Tulowitzki considering Final Vote candidate Justin Morneau for Derby | News

Troy Tulowitzki, the NL Home Run Derby captain, very well might be including Morneau as the final member of the NL squad for the Derby, which will be held next Monday. Not only is Morneau a fan favorite in Minnesota, where the All-Star festivities will be held, but he's also the winner of the 2008 Derby over the much better remembered Josh Hamilton. In a terrible season, any representation at baseball's midsummer event is a plus for me as a Rockies fan.

Captains name HR Derby picks - ESPN

Tulo picked three of his four squad members for the Derby yesterday - Giancarlo Stanton, Yasiel Puig, and Todd Frazier. Jerry Crasnick thinks that Tulo made some good picks, and so do I. Stanton is the obvious pick, Frazier hit a one-handed homer against the Rockies, and Puig's range of outcomes is incredible - bat flips for all!

The Trade Troy Tulowitzki Section

It’s Time to Trade Troy Tulowitzki | FanGraphs Baseball

Mike Petriello of FanGraphs writes that it's time for the Rockies to trade Troy Tulowitzki, but it's really an excuse for fans of other teams to make ridiculous trade proposals for Tulo in the comments section. This is probably moot for now because, per his interview, it doesn't seem like there's any way Monfort will trade his shortstop.

Petriello does make some great points about the myriad deficiencies of the Rockies (some of them points we at Purple Row have made as well), but I disagree with his diagnosis - to trade the most valuable player in the NL (and probably the least replaceable) in Tulo. I'm opposed to trading a generational talent like Tulo or a rising cost-controlled star in the making in Nolan Arenado, but you could probably talk me into deals involving most other Rockies.

Sooner or later, Troy Tulowitzki will ask Colorado Rockies to be traded | FOX Sports on MSN

Ken Rosenthal writes about the same subject and asks the same question that many here have been asking: just where are the Rockies going anyway? I mean, besides on vacation right after game 162.

Other Rockies Links

Corey Dickerson escapes another Rockies injury after sliding near-catch

Rockies fans can exhale - Corey Dickerson appeared to injury his wrist on a diving catch attempt with two outs in the ninth of last night's win, but X-Rays on the wrist were negative. Of course, left undiagnosed by the X-Ray was the flesh-eating alien inhabiting Dickerson's other hand.

Anderson to rejoin Rox; Flande optioned | News

Left-hander Brett Anderson is expected to return from his fractured left index finger to start this Sunday for the Rockies. Much was made of Anderson upon his acquisition in the off-season, but he hasn't really had a chance to deliver on that promise as of yet. Here's hoping for a healthy, productive second half. Anderson will take the rotation slot of Yohan Flande, who was optioned to AAA yesterday for Kyle Parker.

Also mentioned in the article is that Eddie Butler will be starting a rehab assignment in the next few days despite the appearance of a blood blister that appeared during his bullpen session. Of the blister, Butler had this to say:

Just going to get it drained ... it's going to be a constant thing.

That sounds promising...

Colorado Classics: Jamey Wright, former Rockies pitcher - The Denver Post

Irv Moss writes about Colorado's first round pick in 1993, who debuted with the Rockies in 1996 is still kicking around the big leagues in 2014 as a reliever for the Dodgers.

Baseball Prospectus | The 2010 Redraft

In this free article, the BP staff redrafts the 2010 first round. Two current Rockies made the cut (Josh Rutledge at pick 17 and Corey Dickerson at pick 18), though neither of them were drafted in the top 100 picks in the actual 2010 draft. Hopefully, when this article is re-done in the near future, first rounder Kyle Parker will also merit consideration.

Liberty grad Matt McBride begins baseball rehab for Colorado Rockies -

Matt McBride's hometown newspaper is pleased to see its native son recovering from injury and on his way back to the Sky Sox, where he would probably serve as the back-up to the back-up catcher.

Rockies Fireworks Coverage | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball

Finally, Richard Bergstrom with some hard-hitting journalism - examining Coors Field's excellent fireworks show.